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Hope to see you at one of my current concerts & shows!!!!! Autograph signing! Cd's, & pictures are always available at all my events, festivals concerts etc!!! Available & Current CD's!!! Cajun Dave (The Nashville CD!) All original Cajun Music!!! Here are some of the CD's I have available NOW!!! My Cajun Dave "Nashville Original" CD, Louisiana Gold l and Louisiana Gold ll, Doo Wop 50's Swampop Cd, Wildwood Doo Wops(originals), Doo Wop Mardi Gras CD, Doo Wop Wildwood original 50's music CD, Cajun Dave does Freddy CD, Unplugged Band CD (compilation cd) Cajun Dave & Cowboy Country and Cajun CD(dedicated to my lifelong friend Ulysses Graham aka "Cowboy") And a wonderful new Cd called "The way I am" Scandia, (Scandinavian instrumental CD) And at last a Cajun Dave Christmas CD!!! Unplugged CD, A Cajun Dave "John Denver Tribute Cd! Fort Walton Cajun Zydeco CD,a brand new People Choice Cd, with favorites like Orange Blossom Special and Devil Went Down to Georgia! And so much more to come! Working on a new concert CD and songs I did at The Full Sail Concert i did in orlando Florida!!! All CD's are on sale NOW!!!!!

WELL MY FRIENDS, "I FINALLY DID IT!!! I finally got into my website after many years! My website here will be forever honored and remembered! My dear friend Mr FRANK SCOTT SR! Frank was my webmaster here, he created this very wonderful website for me! He set up and maintained my webpage and website. Frank has since passed away, not long after the tragic accident of my beloved son David Becnel Jr. Which it has been 6 years now! To my "Little David" this website is dedicated to him as well, and to the site he created for me. http://listen.to/cajundave.Also you can see little Dave in concert with me and Andy at www.tropicsnation.com but you have to become a member, then look for caribbean cajun dave! Frank was a wonderful man, and loved me and my music dearly! Webmaster Frank Scott Sr will NEVER be forgotten, and my website here will live on in his memory, as long as I am able! My son David Becnel ll will also live in my and my families heart and soul forever! Soon as I figure this site out, I will have their pictures on this site as well, to be forever remembered! Check out my you tube videos! Go to you tube and type in The Coconut Song dcajun123. 1st Video by the pool is me! And The Fishing Song dcajun123. Also by the pool! While your at it, type in neon leons, there are several videos there of me. And neon leons with Jumpin Judy! Also a video with my family. Type in Cajundave wmv. Its a video i did with my family for Disney! Soon I will figure how to put them in here! You can visit me on several sites! www.myspace.com/cajundave1 as well as www.soundclick.com/cajundaveandgidget! www.digitalrodeo.com/cajundave. Also now on Facebook! Just type in my name David Becnel. Add me as a friend! Just I have many exciting things happening, and will keep you all updated now on my news portion here on the main page! As we say in Louisiana Laise le bon temps roulier! (Let the good times roll!) Check out my schedules!!!

PLEASE READ my schedules and information on this page by scrolling from top to the bottom of this page! I constantly add NEW special features as well as notes, and new updates later in the year toward bottom of page. Take your time, and enjoy my schedule page as well as the rest of my web site!!! I may repeat this a few times below but always... Autograph signing! Cd's & pictures are always available at all *Cajun Dave* N'awlins Po Boyz, Cajun Dave "Entourage" "Bayou Self" performances featuring "Coconut John" "Lester Verrette" and many others etc. As well as indoor/outdoor around the door events & concerts!!! And please come out to Good Tymes Food and Spirits in Crystal River Florida! Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday at 5pm!!! Or email for directions! www.cajundave.com!!! And yes! Email Me! dcajun123@yahoo.com! And please visit my websites: Cajun Dave Aeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Call or email me for any bookings or info on events!!!
availability only!
(Cajun Dave's Cajun/Zydeco/Halloween Carnival Caribbean Cruise October 31st 2015!!!)

The Halloween Cruise is here!!! We leave Tampa October 31st 2015 aboard the Paradise Cruise Ship!
Everyone, THE HALLOWEEN CRUISE IS HAPPENING!!! Aeeeee!!! Please sign up NOW as there still is time for the 5 day Caribbean Cruise!!! Please email me and let me know if you'd like to come! Citrus County Elks is sponsoring this wonderful cruise, and it's MY VERY FIRST! As well as my wife Gidget! Oh what a fantastic time we will have!!! The honeymoon I never had. We will be going to Cozemal Mexico and Grand Cayman Islands! 5 wonderful days, with Coconut Johnny and myself performing good ole Swamp Pop 50's, Cajun and Zydeco Variety Music! Even caribbean, as I'll be performing with my new little Steel Drums!!!! Many of my friends are already booked like Joann, and Lorraine, and Bo, and so many that its going to be a once in a lifetime cruise event, and maybe we can make this a yearly cruise event?! Please contact Sheerin Rahman at Cruises and Moore Travel in Tampa. 4129 W. Kennedy Blvd. #2 Tampa Florida 33609 (813)287-2311 or (888)279-4737. Or email me immediately, with phone number and I'll contact Sheerin and have her call you! Also email me for my once a month music newsletter! All you have to do is email me at address below, and give me the email you wish me to send newsletter! This is the best way of keeping up with me and where I am performing, schedules and so much more!!! Please come join me and john for my last concert at Windhorse Theater in Eustis Florida Sunday July 26th 2015! $10.00 admission. I'll be playing best in cajun and variety, if interested, go to www.windhorsetheater.com and contact Steve and Lois also now I perform Wednesday-Saturday at 5pm at Good Tymes Food and Spirits 6875 Gulf to Lake Highway Crystal River Florida.(352)794-3863 Call and make reservations. Its a NEW and wonderful Florida style restaurant. Great food, and great variety too, as well as my music! I'm up to 36 instruments now. Looking forward to seeing you there, its a family restaurant, and really nice Aeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! On July 18th I will be at the Crystal River mall off 19 in Crystal River for the 2nd Crawfish boil sponsored by Jimmy and Seafood Seller! Also please visit my guestbook if it still works or best, just email me and leave your phone, address or email address! Just go to http://listen.to/cajundave. Those sending addresses click PRIVATE, only I will see address! Again Thanks so much for your support! Also my latest new cd releases!!! As well as cajun Dave DVD's soon!!!Email:Cajun Dave For additional information, contact Cajun Dave at(352) 595-2990 or e-mail him: DCAJUN123@yahoo.com cell: 352-266-2103